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Today’s question is squats leave me too tired for work, I prefer to train in the morning, so what are my options?

The question here is when they do a squat session, they’re obviously too fatigued or tired and they’re feeling that it drags their day out or affects them going into work. And they obviously don’t want to feel like this, because fitness and exercise is meant to be more energizing than it is meant to slow you down and make you sluggish.

The options here are depends on what your goal is. If you’re trying to get a stronger squat then, you’re just gonna have to squat.

The alternative being, you can move from an AM time slot to a PM time slot. Now there is benefits in training at later in the day. But, assuming that the workout has to be done in the morning. The squats aren’t that important.

I’m gonna make the assumption here if you’re willing to swap squats to a PM time slot, then maybe they’re not that important, which would mean that the exercise themselves is just too fatiguing and what you can do here is a lighten the load and focus on something called pause squats, where you really control down, hold at the bottom, and then focus on the exploding up through the movement.

This is decrease the amount of weight that your body has to go through, and because there’s less weight, there’ll be less demand on your body to support the weight, to balance the bar, and things like that.

Because there’s less coordination required, less stability, less muscle engagement required to make sure that you can even support the bar, taking those factors away may improve how fatiguing you find that exercise.

The other thing might be moving onto something like a leg press. If you’re doing squats for leg development, maybe changing the exercise, moving on to a leg press and seeing how that affects the body. It’s working a similar muscle group, it takes out some of the muscles required to stabilize during a squat so you can better, it’s more of a lower body dominant workout compared to a squat, which would be more of full body exercise.

But just seeing how the squat affects your fatigue levels would be the recommendations I can give there.

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