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My name is Dale Nelson, and I work with Busy Business Guys on improving their health, fitness and nutrition, to improve their work performance. Now, what is the best warm up that you can do before a workout? So, the workouts that I recommend are predominantly strength based, so less cardio, more weights. And there is a couple of different exercises that I would recommend going through to improve the workout, just the intensity and also making sure those muscles are nice and warm before you load up with weight. And making sure that they’re primed for a good session.

So the first one I like to do is a hip stability exercise, so gluten kneed. Where you wrap the band around the knees and around the feet, and do some side steps. So the idea here is we’re engaging the muscles through the hips, these ones get, often get quite lazy throughout the day because when you’re seated for long hours, they’re in a stretch position. So when a muscle is stretched for long hours, it can weaken. So just getting that contraction working throughout the day, working ’em out before you start your workout. It’s gonna help get that activation back into the glutes and help fire up the hips for stronger stability.

The other one is stretching out the chest. I’m a big fan of trying to open up through the chest to make sure that you’re working towards undoing the damage that gets done hours of sitting behind the desk. So you wanna really focus on getting on to that doorway, opening up the shoulders, breathing into the muscles, trying to make sure that they stretch and expand, and trying to revert that posture back to getting those shoulders nice and seated before you do a workout.

So we wanna activate the hips, we wanna stretch the chest, and we also wanna activate the back. So a cable where you’re pulling towards your nose. So you’re pulling a cable machine towards your face, and engaging through the back. So after you’ve stretched out through the chest, we wanna engage through the back. That gives that nice thoracic extension through the chest, which is opposite to what you’ve been doing all day with that slouching posture.

So a little bit of anti-movement. So, anti desk posture, so we wanna open up, get the shoulders back and down, strengthen through the glutes after being seated all day. Those are the biggest ones I recommend before starting, and then it’s just a general warm up to make sure that those muscles are nice and warm before you go out and start lifting your weights.

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