Best Supplements When You Are New To Fitness

My name is Dale Nelson, and I work with busy business guys on improving their health, fitness and nutrition with regards to their work performance. So the big one today is a question sent in about, “What are the best supplements to get results?” Now that’s a very vague question, so the best supplements to get what type of results I’m not entirely sure, but I’m going to assume that they mean is protein worth it, should I be taking BCA’s, should it be taking beta-alanine and all those sort of pill type solutions post training. I’m going to stretch it out a little bit. Do I need things like omega-3, do I need things like magnesium.

Pretty much if you’re eating a wholesome diet, chances are you’re not in so much a nutrient deficiency that supplements are key. Supplements should only really be taken to give yourself that little bit of a boost to make sure that you’re covering what the body’s requirements are, so you’re covering all the essentials. Which is what a supplements job is for. It’s to supplement, it is not to replace. I’m not a big fan of the meal replacement shakes. I do however believe in protein powders, when combined with smoothies or things like that, to give it a more wholesome collection of nutrients.

So in terms of what are the best supplements, I’m going to go with protein powder. In terms of what brand or anything like that, they’re all pretty rigorously tested and they all do much the same, it’s just trying to find out what flavor you can endure for a longer term, because that’s something that’s going to become a reality to you, that you will be going and eating a lot of protein throughout a training program.

The other one being, do you need citrulline, beta-alanine, BCA’s. Assuming that you’re getting enough from your meals, so you’re eating enough meat, you’re eating enough fiber, you’re eating enough fats and things like that, there’s no real requirement to jump on the supplement band wagon straight away to get those additional ingredients. I lot of that is more during training, so as you become more experienced as a trainer or as an athlete to make sure that your body is kind of really taking those boxes and crossing, is it crossing the I’s and dotting the T’s, crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s, to make sure that your body is getting everything it absolutely needs, because you are punishing it at the gym on a daily, sometimes twice daily level, then it makes more sense to really focus on the supplements there.

In terms of what you guys are likely going through, I would say omega-3 and magnesium would be the biggest ones. Omega-3 has been shown across the board to affect or improve cardiovascular health, brain health, brain function, inflammation levels. The benefits seem endless so in terms of what supplement you should be taking, omega-3. I by no way supersede the dietary advice of your nutritionist or doctor so please see them first. The other one would be magnesium just to make sure that your body is getting enough and you’re avoiding cramping, but also making sure that the body is getting what it needs to recover.

So those would be the three ones. Protein powder, omega-3 and magnesium would be the supplements that I recommend.

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