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So today’s question is, “What is the fastest way to drop weight?” It seems to be a very recurring question I get asked a lot. A lot of emails and questions just around, “Hey, what is the best way that I can see that change, and really speed it up?” There is no magic bullet. There is no one fix solution. Chances are, if you’re not seeing any change, it’s to do with something that you’re consuming. That’s as broad as I can make it. It’s nothing, typically, to do with your lack of exercise or lack of frequency, or lack of cardio. All that will help, and it will increase the rate at which you burn calories. It will affect your metabolism. The fact that your body has to recover and rebuild, will influence how many calories you burn in a day.

But, in terms of what is the fastest way to drop weight: calorie deficit. So making sure that you are burning more than what you are taking in. So taking in, in terms of calories. Now this can be from food, it can also be from beverages. Beverages seem to be the one that gets forgotten about a lot. Everyone’s pretty quick to have that Scotch or that beer when they get home, and not think about the ramifications. So you come home and you need to relax, and you relax, crack that soda, have a drink, wind down for the evening. Those calories still count, as well. So it’s the calories from alcohol, it’s the calories from soft drinks, so you’re trying to get that midday energy, so when you hit that slump, trying to perk yourself with a bit of sugar, that stuff there is all going to be contributing, as well as what quality of food you are having throughout the day, and how often you snack.

So all these little things along the way are going to be affecting your calorie surplus or your calorie deficit. We want to be in the deficit if you want to move towards weight loss. And the way to get the fastest results is just make sure that what you’re taking in, is below what you are burning. So that way, you can make sure that you have that deficit, and your body switches over to using the body fat as a source of energy, rather than relying on the food as your energy source to go about your day.

So, in terms of what is the fastest way to drop weight, calorie deficit, and then I would even say to include cardio. So some form of light, non-strenuous activity, to sustain it for a period. So a 6k jog is going to be beneficial after a strength training session, and that’s really going to bring up the amount of calories that you burn in a day, as well as trying to maintain that calorie deficit in terms of food, so that you have that gap where your body’s expending fuel from its fat stores, and that’s what’s going to give you the fastest way to drop body weight.

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