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My name is Dale Nelson, and I work with busy business guys around their health, fitness, and nutrition, making sure that they have the energy, the focus, and the drive to focus on their work performance. So, today’s topic is on having fun with food. So, this becomes a bit of a difficult one, because what one person determines as their fun, is another person’s, punishment and that sort of thing as well. So, when you take away let’s say some alcohol during the week, some people find that really difficult to deal with, whereas other people are all for, like they think having one day of being gluttonous is way too much.

So, this really comes down to individual perception or like how you feel about things. In terms of still having fun, it comes down to frequency as well. So, as long as you’re maintaining that calorie deficit, if you’re going for weight loss, or if you find that having fun is interrupting your daily lift regimes, and you find that the numbers that you’re lifting are not consistently improving at regular intervals, I would say that you’re probably having too much of a social life, or too big, too literal with some of the fun decisions that you are making, which that is fine, but in which case, which is more important?

The social aspect in which case you have learn to love the body that you have, or do you want to improve aspects of your health so that you have that better focus, better drive, when it comes to work? So, it’s just getting clear on what it is that you want, and then what it is you can part with. So, I’ve worked with guys who, they want to go home and part of their home routine is sitting down with their wife, chatting about their day over a glass of red. So, if taking away that glass of red would mean that I’m affecting their ability to bond at the end of each day.

So, some of these things become very, they’re very habitual, but they’re almost … so, like in terms of the wife and husband bonding over wine, you’re taking away, like a way for them to wind down together and spend that quality time, whereas for those who are going out and partying on a regular basis, I’d argue whether or not you need to party that much, like do you need to be that social? Do you need to be out with the guys every Saturday night when you are so focused on improving your health and improving performance?

So, really, it truly just comes down to what it is that you’re willing to part with, but can you still have fun with food? Always. As long as you’re in that calorie deficit, you’re maintaining your food, you’re hitting your protein targets, your fats are all good, you’re training often enough and you’re seeing that improvement, if you’re ticking all those boxes, definitely like we can experiment with adding in the occasional fun day, or playing with how much carb or alcohol we can add in throughout the week or weekend, and then that just becomes an exercise in trying to understand at what point do you feel better, and at what point do you start to degrade or decay in terms of your lifting or your health experience.

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