Going Keto For Fat Loss

My name is Dale Nelson and I work with busy business guys to improve their health, fitness and nutrition around work performance. Now the main question I’ve had is, should I start going keto for fat loss? No, you shouldn’t. The only reason you should go keto is if you want to enter a ketosis state with regards to doing that mindful clarity. I think it’s a ayahuasca type state when you’re improving your cognitive function. It’s good to go in and out of these cycles to improve performance and things like that because your body does become a bit complacent when you’re feeding it the same things over and over.

Just in the sense that it builds up … it’s the law of diminish and returns. Your body will build up a bit of a … it gets used to what you subject it to, is probably the easiest way to put it. So if you’re always eating carbs, the same carbs, at specific time of day. They’ve even done the study with eggs. If you’re always eating fried eggs, then your body gets used to eating fried eggs and it down regulates the way your body absorbs the protein and then when you cook it differently, so poached vs raw, though don’t eat it raw. When your body is subjected to eggs at different cooking styles, your body can absorb it differently and it can build up to it after a while. Same thing with meals as a generalization.

In terms of going keto to break that cycle, that’s when it’s going to have it’s biggest yield for you. But also in terms of going keto for fat loss, fat loss is literally just calories. So the idea of going keto for fat loss just means that you don’t understand your carbs well enough to be able to control them. So the idea of keto is you’re basically removing everything that’s carb and then just focusing on the fats and protein. This just tells me that you don’t understand your food well enough to be able to lose weight whilst maintaining carbs and things like that in there. So that could be a bit of a discipline thing, so if going and out of keto helps. But in terms of staying keto, so removing carbs for good, I’m not completely convinced that that is a good idea. While there is benefits at a performance based level and at a cognitive level and in terms of just giving your body that little bit of a spike or kick in the butt, there is benefits to going down that road.

In terms of doing it for the fat loss, you need to focus on your carbs, get your carbs to a better point, understand how to lose fat whilst eating the things that are making you fat. That’s where it’s going to work for you long term. We’re not chasing quick fixes here. Hopefully that helps.

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