How Do I Get Motivated To Train

Hey guys. My name is Dale Nelson, and I work with busy business guys on their health, fitness, and nutrition making sure that we can improve their work performance. Today’s question is: When I’m feeling stressed or I really don’t want to, how do I get motivated to train?

How long is a piece of string? There is really no specific approach to this. For some people, it’s price point. You pay more for a trainer so that you go. For some people it’s just the detail in the exercise. They really look forward to getting that PB. They’ve been building up to it for three months. Today’s the day. That can create motivation.

For some people, it’s the thought that they’re out there doing the hard work when everyone else is sleeping, so that drives them. For other people, it’s just the feeling that they, the fact that they know how they’re going to feel after the workout. They’re going to get in; they’re going to work hard; they’re going to feel amazing, and just knowing what that’s going to feel like can be a motivator to move towards signal.

If you’re feeling stressed and just don’t want to do it, maybe it’s something to do with your program. It may be just not enjoying the exercises, not enjoying the program, and it could be just a matter of changing it up, experiencing something different. If you are sick of weights, maybe go and do some boxing. If you do a lot of riding, maybe it’s taking a class or something like that.

Just mixing it up, staying active, staying mobile rather than choosing to sleep in or sit on the couch. We know that those options are not going to give you anything along the lines of what you want. Staying mobile, staying active, changing the course a little bit so that you can stay motivated, there is nothing wrong with that. You can always come back, but if you don’t do anything, it is so much harder to get started again, and you will lose a lot of what you have gained in that time.

When you’re feeling stressed, I understand winding back the workload. I’ve covered this in a separate video. Wind back the workload. focus on what needs to get done. Focus on the family. Focus on the work. Focus on getting the sales, doing what needs to be done. Put the attention there then get back to training as soon as you can. Wind it back. Do the bare essentials and then go back into your training mode.

If you just simply do not want to train, I would recommend find something that motivates you. Get your ass off the couch. Just go out there and get it done. That is going to be the only way to get started. If you are working toward something, like you are building up to a PB and you just can’t seem to really get out there, maybe it’s time to review your nutrition. It might be your recovery is not as optimized as it can be, and that’s affecting your mood because you’re not getting your central nutrients to support that whole man development. Your body’s trying to suppress your enthusiasm so you don’t have that drive to go out there and get things done.

There’s multiple factors, and it depends on the individual. If you’re not enthusiastic, test. Try a different food. Play with the program. Get moving in a different area. Just don’t stop. Keep moving. If you’re stressed, might do a potential taper, so wind back the workload. Dig load. Taper the program. Get focused. Get re-energized. Get back into it. That will be a battle I can recommend to you.

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