How Many Meals Should You Be Eating

My name is Dale and I work with busy business guys around their health, fitness, and nutrition, making sure that they get a better work performance throughout the day. Today’s question is how many meals are best?

This is a difficult question to answer specifically, but I’m assuming they mean, like, if you want to get lean and you want to add on some muscle. So if you want to build muscle, get leaner, how many times a day should you be eating?

You kind of see these guys who are eating the six meals a day, carrying around their little lunch boxes with all the microwave and Tupperware containers; you do not have to go to that extreme to make sure that you’re hitting what your body requires.

Based on muscle proteins synthesis studies, and the body can absorb, as well as how much protein should be consuming … around three to four meals a day is a minimum to make sure that you’re hitting protein requirements.

So you want to spike your protein up with a meal, and then let it drop off throughout the day; so going through that nice up and down cycle with regards to ingesting protein, absorbing protein, and then letting your body unfilter, recover, and use what it’s absorbed.

You kind of have to let your body go through that process to get the most benefit out of it, so sitting there and eating constantly throughout the day? Yes, you will see a result, but it’s not really necessary to be a constant grazer and eat all those meals. In terms of what you should be eating, you should be having regular protein throughout the day; so every three to four hours is advisable, and you’re looking at about 30 to 40 grams of protein per meal, to make sure that you’re getting that spike throughout the day; but also, once your body’s absorbed it, that taper that goes with it.

So your body will rise once you’ve eaten the food, it’ll decrease afterwards, your body will absorb and use it, and three to four hours later, you’re doing the exact same thing again. So having that frequency, will be the best way to make sure that you’re getting adequate levels through your meals. Now if you’re starting first thing in the morning, that would assume that you’re eating over a 12 hour window, so zero hours … three or four hours later … three or four hours later, again, so six hours later … and then 12 to finish off the day.

So, in terms of getting leaner, that will be down to the calories, but also ensuring that your muscle gets what it needs to recover and grow; it’s that frequency, as well, that’s gonna give you the biggest bang for your buck. So how many meals a day? Three to four as a bare minimum across that three to four hour window … with the absorption rate.

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