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My name is Dale Nelson and I work with busy business guys to improve their health, fitness, and nutrition to make sure that we’re optimizing their work performance throughout the day. Now, I have a question, if I can’t get my 15,000 to 20,000 steps per a day, what is a better way to get my cardio in? So, the recommendation here was made around just getting more steps in a day. So, there was a paper that came out that said that people who made about 18,000 steps a day on average were leaner. So, they had less fat on their body. They decreased their chance of diabetes, cardiovascular-related diseases, and also I think it’s … Cardiovascular, diabetes, and fat loss were the main features of the 18,000 steps per a day. So, this was a recommendation made to improve one of my client’s weight loss results and it was recommended on the … due to the fact that he couldn’t attend the gym the required amount of days per a week, but still wanted to see the same weight loss results over the time frame.

So, given that he travels a fair bit for meetings, so walking to and from. We decided to bulk up on that. So, wearing a watch, tracking those numbers, making sure they’re hitting 18,000. So, let’s say you get 12,000 steps in an average day, then it’s just making sure you get the extra 6,000 by going for a couple of laps around the block, ticking that box, and then going home. That’s the advice that was given to help him stay on track and still check off the goals he was looking to achieve. So, he’s having trouble hitting that 15,000 to 20k mark per a day and wants to know a better way to get them. Leave the car at home. Catch the bus. You have to walk to the bus. You have to get off the bus. You have to walk to the office. So, it’s just being a little bit more prepared like that is definitely something that’s gonna help. So, being more active in terms of how you get to and from work will give you those extra steps.

When you’re on phone call meetings, pacing whilst you’re on a phone call. Everyone has a phone. Everyone has headphones. Everyone has earbuds. So, you can always go for a walk down to a park, have your calls, walk around the park, get those steps in. The other one is leaving your desk and walking to get lunch as a possibility. So, I know we kind of preach big on making sure that you have the right nutrients. In this particular case, I know he’s got his food under control. So, he knows what to eat for lunch. So, I’d say walk down to the tuck shop, get away from that desk, go and just get a little bit more activity into the day. And then that would probably be more … like being more creative with that, but also probably being more time efficient. So, be more time management on making sure that you’re getting those extra steps.

We don’t want to avoid them because they’re gonna be essential given that there’s a reduced commitment to the gym by time constraints. So, just making sure that we can get the bare essentials in for the day is definitely gonna help staying on track and making sure that you’re still seeing those results that you’re after.

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