9 Rules To A Successful Transformation

When I first met Silvana she had started working on her fitness but not necessarily considered the inclusion of food in her transformation journey.

Although she saw changes they were no where near what she was expecting. After coming out of a 12 week transformation challenge she had lost 4-5kg. Impressive but deterring given her effort within the challenge.

After reaching out Silvana and I put together a plan, taking into mind where she was at and what she was looking to achieve next, in the follow weeks she lost more than in the previous 3 months, and after a few months of working together she is now focused on hitting the big 20kg weight loss!

I will admit to get the changes Silvana has accomplished has not come without some level of sacrifice, but judging by the fact it is months later and she has kept it up, I would say the changes have been for the better.

Included below is a recount of the steps from Silvana’s perspective on what it to to achieve this change.

1 Review lifestyle (what I was doing wrong – looking back, quite a bit even though some things felt like I was on track).

2 Set plan to achieve goals – I was training aimlessly before, the equivalent of crossing my fingers and hoping. Now I am in control.

3 Focus in nutrition – more protein and less carbs. This was difficult at the beginning as I am originally South American and as part of our culture we eat lots carbs all the time).

4 Increase my water intake – not realizing how much my body actually needed this.

5 Exercise mixing routines (weights, cardio, boxing) to stay focused.

7 Sleep the more – This was a game changer to my health.

6 Adjusting my busy life. My husband is FIFO (fly in fly out mine worker), and it leaves me with 2 kids (1 pre-kinder), and I juggle a part time catering business. I make sure to prioritize food and during quiet times to get my body what it needs.

8 Stay focused – even though sometimes it’s difficult with my schedule, parties , etc.)

9 Weigh in regularly – not only scales , body measure and body scan to compare. This allows me to verify I am taking the right steps and I can be proactive about food habits and training rather than reactive.

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