The Non-Calorie Counting Way To Eat

All right. Hey, guys and welcome. My name is Dale and I work with busy business guys on making sure that their health, they food and their fitness is all in check so that they can focus on their work performance. Today’s topic learning how to eat without counting calories.

So, I guess … I’m saying metrics is very important in terms of business. So, you need to know those numbers, need to make sure that you’re tracking them on a regular basis, making sure that what’s coming in is more than what’s going out in terms of revenue practice and thing like that. So, all these things we know but then when you add food into the equation, so it’s like okay, we’re tracking the numbers at the gym, we’re tracking the numbers at work. Now, gotta track the numbers of food that I’m eating. That seems to be what catches a lot of guys out.

Now, what we can do here is … Well, what I do with the guys that I’m working with is we predefine how much they’re going to be eating. So, they really do not need to know anything about calories. Everything gets specified for them and this can be done with an app like MyFitnessPal. So, you tell it what you want to eat, how many calories you plan to eat in a day and it will tell you the amount of food that you need to prepare for the day. So, what I recommend with my guys is that they prepare a certain Of protein, certain amount of fat and a certain amount of carbs for the day. They can do this in three meals. They can do this in four meals. Some guys do it in five meals. So, we spread those calories throughout the day across different meals and then make sure that they’re sticking specifically to those meals and they don’t have to worry about how many calories is in. So, if they’re snacking on chocolate while they’re at the desk on top of eating their meals, that is a big no no because then we don’t know how many calories they’re eating unless they are choosing to track.

If you do not want to track, predefine your calories and then make sure you kind of stick to those portions. So, we can do that in multiple different ways. This can be done through an app or a recommendation through what to eat. Once you have that planned, the idea is okay, you’re only eating 180 grams of chicken breast with a handful of salad. Then that way, you know that you’re staying within your calorie deficit or you’re staying within your range of food without going too far and without the need to have to count calories and figure out am I doing the right thing, am I doing the wrong thing. Just make sure that you’re sticking to those specific gram amounts and the calories will be taken care of.

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