Tapping into the theta state Set yourself up for success with a morning routine

Tapping into the theta state

Set yourself up for success with a morning routine


Theta waves and the creative brain


Are you making the most of your mornings? Do you wake up and follow a practice that sets up your day for success? Or, do you struggle to get out of bed, just to fight the tiresome task of getting to work on time?


Successful people know the importance of the morning mindset. They create and follow simple, but effective morning routines, ensuring the mind is primed to optimise the day ahead.


They achieve this by tapping into the ‘theta state’.



What is the theta state?

From the peace and stillness of deep sleep, to the most intense and adrenaline-fueled moments of the day, your brainwave activity is constantly changing.


When your brainwaves fall in the range of frequencies known as ‘theta’, you have access to effortless creativity. Theta waves are at their highest in the morning. Your thoughts retain a lucid, dreamlike quality and your subconscious is at its most suggestible, allowing a great opportunity for you to reshape the way you think and program your mind for success.


Sound complicated, I’m going to help you by sharing three essential elements of a morning routine that will get you tapping into the ‘theta state’ in no time.



  1. Mindfulness


Mindfulness is simply about being present in the current moment – the ‘here’ and the ‘now’. You can practice it at any time. How? By closing your eyes and placing your attention on your breathing. Every time a thought comes to mind, simply acknowledge it and return your focus to the breath. It’s as simple as that!


By practicing mindfulness, you’ll increase the level of control you have over your thoughts and actions. You’ll also ‘clear the path’ for the next two elements.



  1. Gratitude

Whether it’s relationships, physical possessions, or merely being alive and well, experiencing a sensation of gratitude in the morning will help you make the most of every day.


Are you aware of how easy it is to get caught up in all the things you don’t have? (we all do it).


By taking the time to practice gratitude, you’ll not only find yourself being more appreciative, but you’ll open yourself up to getting more of what you want in the future. Either write down, or think in detail about all the things in life you’re grateful for. Then, deeply immerse yourself in the feelings associated with being grateful.



  1. Visualisation

Why leave things to chance? By mentally rehearsing how you want things to go beforehand, you will become more productive and achieve better success in the day ahead.


It may not come naturally at first, but asking yourself questions like “what would my ideal day look like?” And “what do I want to achieve today?” will help you programme your mind to visualise success.


In fact, American Biologist Bruce Lipton has proven that habitual positive visualisation and positive thoughts can even change your physical biology. And if positive thoughts can change your physical biology for good, imagine what negative thoughts would do? More on this topic in another blog soon…




It’s amazing how many people are missing out on the huge potential of the morning theta state. Don’t be one of those people, start your morning routine and set yourself up for success today.


Need some guidance to help you set up your morning routine? Or perhaps you’re looking for a personal trainer in Perth to boost your morning fitness? Get in touch with me today.

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