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Hello guys, my name’s Dale Nelson. I work with busy business guys on helping them improve their health, fitness, and nutrition around work performance. And today’s tip is around training while traveling. So this is something I’ve been exposed to quite a bit in recent times. A few of my guys are traveling in Hong Kong, the east coast of Australia, Singapore, or things like that. And they’re just finding it very hard to stay on track with their programs. So one thing that we’ve outlined is bulking in more of the structured routine when they are based at home, and then when they go away focusing on just hitting the main muscle groups in the body. So then, that way when they’re away, they can focus on presentations, seminars, reviews, workshops, whatever it is they’re meant to focus; on board meetings, things like that.

While they’re away, get in, do a quick workout, hit the bare essentials. But the bulk of it had been done before and after their trip so that when they come home, all they have to do is focus on making sure that they’ve committed to the volume for the month rather than the individual week-to-week volume that I set up for them. So what I mean by that is each week there are training goals, but obviously when that’s being interrupted, so when you go away, we want to make sure that we push more of that bulk toward the edges of the travel, unless you have access to a gym or anything when you’re away.

But when you don’t have that sort of access, or if you can’t make that sort of time commitment due to your obligations, we push the training volume more towards when you’re home. So instead of training three times for the week, you are now training five times before you go and five times when you get back, to make sure for the month you are maintaining the same volume or the same training load that is going to guarantee your results even though you’d been away for that week, two weeks. And I find that having that sort of structure around guys who are currently traveling a lot for work is really helping them with regards to maintaining and still achieving their goals at a regular basis, during their check-ins. So, making sure that you’re maintaining the training volume across the month rather than specifically hitting it for that week. And that seems to work best for training while you’re traveling.

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