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My name is Dale Nelson, and I work with busy business guys on their health, fitness, and nutrition to make sure that they’re getting the best work performance that they can.

Today’s question is I don’t want to go black coffee because I don’t enjoy the taste, but I need coffee for the demands of my day. My nutrition program states that I shouldn’t be drinking milk in my coffee. Interesting.

Taking milk out of coffee is definitely, no sorry, can I still see results is the question. Yes, you can. Having the milk in the coffee shouldn’t be a limitation. It probably comes down to more the program might have been cutting out milk to kind of cheat how many calories you can avoid in the day.

If you’re going through a cut cycle or trying to get slimmer, and easy way to do that is to remove dairy because dairy is either predominately sugar. Milk is predominately sugar, or dairy is predominately fat based. They’re very calorie dense foods, and they usually go in addition, so they’re not necessarily required by many meals. By taking dairy out, it is an easy way to decrease the amount of calories when you’re trying to lose weight.

In terms of do you have to take milk out of your coffee? I’d say no, but it also depends on how many sugars you’re having and how many coffees you’re having. If you’re feeling that you need coffee to meet the demands of your day, that’s probably more of a red flag than anything else. I would review your sleep as well as your winding down activities in the evening. You’re obviously having trouble going to bed, which is usually a reflection of stress but also blue light. If you’re on your phone right up until you go to sleep, that can be an issue.

If you just find getting to bed too difficult, I’d say that coffee may even be influencing that. If you’re drinking coffee after 12, coffee has a half life of four hours, so every four hours it becomes halved. If you have 120 milligrams at lunch, so 12 o’clock, four hours later, you still have 60 milligrams in your system. By eight o’clock that night, you still have 30 milligrams in your system, so you still have caffeine in your system by the time you go to bed from the coffee that you have at lunch.

If we move that coffee forward, so if you have a meeting at 3:00 pm, that coffee is still in your system by the time you go to bed. That could be what is keeping you up, and that’s why you feel this dependence to have coffee to actually see results in your day.

If you feel that coffee is a crutch that you need, that would be something to review. Can you still see results with milk in your coffee? Yes. It would just mean that the coach may have tried to decrease the calories for your weight loss by taking out dairy. That might be something to review. What are the other options that you can reduce? Can you reduce on rice? Can you reduce on treats? Can you reduce on sugary snacks? Just reviewing those sort of things to know where you’re at and then you can still see results even while having milk in your coffee.

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