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My name is Dale Nelson and I help busy business guys with health, fitness, and nutrition to improve their work performance.

So today’s question is:

What are the best exercises to be doing?

Very open-ended question. I’m very biased. I’m going to say strength. I’m big advocate for strength style training, in terms of the benefits of improving joint, improving mobility, building up that muscle tone, building up that lean muscle mass, making sure that you turn your body into that metabolic machine that’s gonna help you improve and build up that energy without having to spend long hours at the gym because you can get in and make these workouts very effective in a short window of time and still see big results, especially in the long-term.

So I always find that it can be incredibly draining. I find that cardio can be very time consuming and all those factors kind of take over what your recovery, your stress, and even just your mindset.

Some of these things can weight on your mindset quite heavy and effect your ability to perform at work. So in terms of all [inaudible 00:01:10] round, I would go more towards the strength side of things as the best exercises to be doing.

In terms of I’m assuming that what they actually meant with this was what are the best exercises for fat loss possibly?

Again, I’m gonna push it back to calorie deficit. So it’s not necessarily the exercises that you do that’s going to help you lose the fat. It’s the food that you’re eating. So exercise will supplement and create the feeling.

So if you want to feel stronger, you train strength. If you want to feel fitter, you train cardio. If you want to feel more flexible, then you train yoga, mobility, those sort of things. If you want to train for compositions or how your body looks, so if you want to get bigger you eat more. If you want to get slimmer, you eat less. So composition is food. How you feel, so stronger, more flexible or more fitter, that is your training style so hopefully that clears up.

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